Unlikely Style Inspiration: Johnny Knoxville

I saw “Jackass 3-D” with my brother over the weekend. When I wasn’t laughing, shielding my eyes, or committing all of my energy to not vomiting up my Junior Mints (maybe by the 5th or 6th “Jackass” movie I’ll learn that bringing snacks is not the best idea), I was admiring Johnny Knoxville’s wardrobe. Say what you want about his penchant for poop jokes, this man has great taste in vintage T-shirts. And I mean, I think it says a lot about someone’s personal style when you are watching them get gored by a bull on a 40-foot screen and can’t help but think, “Those are some nice trousers.” After the jump, some Knoxville-inspired items perfect for driving a jet ski over a cliff or, like, hanging out with your friends this weekend.
The staples of the slouchy, retro Knoxville look? Slacks, vintage tees, cardigans, great sunglasses, and always — always — high-top Converse All Stars.

1. Wayfarer Sunglasses, $145, Ray-Ban
2. Argyle Cardigan, $17, Old Navy
3. See by Chloe Skinny Pants, $90, theOutnet.com
4. Vintage Softball T-Shirt, $13, Etsy
5. Converse All Stars, $45, Zappos