Last Call On Canned Crazy: FDA May Issue Warning Against Alcoholic Energy Drinks Like Four Loko

Stock up on your Four Loko now, kiddies! (Just kidding.) Following a string of deaths and near-deaths around the country related to alcoholic energy drinks, the FDA might crack down on manufacturers as soon as tomorrow. The FDA has been reviewing the safety of these “blackout in a can” drinks for a year. But it’s getting a kick in the pants to act more quickly now that the liquor authorities in several states — such as Washington, where nine college kids recently fell ill — are in various stages of banning the party drinks. Distributors are closing in as well: New York’s largest beer distributor announced yesterday that it would stop selling alcoholic energy drinks and it will clear its inventory by December 10th. Sources told the New York Times that the FDA may issue a warning letter to manufacturers warning them that their products — which contain the equivalent of a bottle of wine and a six-pack of soda — are not safe. A more extreme measure, which is unlikely to happen, would be to seize the drinks and order manufacturers to stop selling them.

One thing is for sure, “blackout in a can”: your days are numbered. The Frisky offices have yet to sample a delicious and sophisticated blue raspberry Four Loko beverage and it looks like we’re gonna have to act quick.

If the blog suddenly goes dark, you’ll know why.

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