6 Things Prince William And Kate Middleton Shouldn’t Repeat From Diana And Charles’ Wedding

Thank gawd, Prince William and Kate Middleton (who’s been nicknamed “Waity Katie” by the British media) finally got engaged! The date hasn’t been set yet, but the wedding will supposedly be the biggest since William’s mother, Princess Diana, married his father, Prince Charles. This brought back all sorts of flashbacks of the magical princess-making wedding ceremony, but we’ve rounded up some things we hope they don’t repeat from that monstrous televised affair.

  1. The dress. Prince William has already given Kate his mother’s engagement ring, but hopefully they won’t recycle Diana’s Elizabeth Emanuel dress, which was a masterpiece in its time, but belongs to the ’80s … and apparently to a traveling exhibition of Diana’s wardrobe. Kate’s got her own style and there’s already been a big fuss over who will design her dress. I’m hoping she goes with Vivienne Westwood and it has “God Save the Queen’ in lace or something. [MLive, Daily Mail]
  2. The media hounding. Princess Diana dealt with a helluva lot of pressure and constant monitoring by the media. The times are even tougher now, so Will’s got to protect his Kate! William has already put out an appeal though, asking the media to leave Kate alone. And in 2007, Kate filed a harassment complaint against the Daily Mirror, who apologized. [Houston Chronicle]
  3. The memorabilia. Commemorative spoons, plates, mugs and bobble-head dolls have their place, but let’s not overdo it this time. The only people with any business collecting royal wedding memorabilia are hoarders. Apparently, Woolworths already started working on Will and Kate’s memorabilia three years ago when everyone first thought the couple would get engaged, but the company has since gone out of business. Presumably for making that kind of business decision.
  4. The tiara. You’d think that with the wealth of the British royal family, that they could commission a comfortable diamond tiara for Kate to wear, unlike the Spencer Tiara that Diana said gave her a “cracking headache” on her wedding day. The day is going to be stressful enough without the headache excuse. [Daily Mail]
  5. The mishaps. At the altar, Diana accidentally switched Prince Charles’ first and middle names, calling him “Philip Charles Arthur George.” And when Charles said his vows, he said “thy goods” rather than “my worldly goods.” Fortunately, no one was watching. JK! Maybe if you didn’t count the 750 million or so glued to their televisions worldwide. [BBC]
  6. The seriousness. We’re already well aware that the engaged couple aren’t saints. They’re humans who make jokes and get drunk and wear revealing clothes and swear sometimes. One of the engagement announcements was made on Twitter, for crying out loud. Can they leave out some of the straight-laced seriousness and let these two enjoy their wedding day maybe?