30 Things I Wish I’d Done Before I Turned 30

You’ll never hear me saying, “Je ne regrette rien.” That’s French for “I regret nothing.” I regret all kinds of things! Like why I ate so much yesterday. And life decisions I made years ago. Today, Amelia, The Frisky’s lead editor, turns … well, 30-something, which prompted me to think about what I wish I’d done before I turned 30. 1. Gotten Pregnant. Easier to conceive. Probably easier to carry the dang thing, too. Oh, well.

2. Traveled Europe. There’s no better time to go gallivanting around foreign countries than when you have the least amount of commitments.

3. Falling Head Over Heels in Love. I did this after 30. I should have done it earlier.

4. Lived in a Beautiful Apartment. Skipping lofts with dishwashers for dumps was a mistake. Why did I wait so long?

5. Earned a Ph.D. Technically, probably not worth much, but wouldn’t it be fun to have one?

6. Kissed a Girl. Too late now! Heh.

7. Acted in a Movie. I can’t sing, so scoring a role in a film sounds pretty cool.

8. Written a Novel. Still working on this one.

9. Hitched Myself. If ignorance is bliss, it’s gotta be easier to get married when you’re under 30.

10. Taken Better Care. I tend to live at full tilt. Takes its toll! More spa days.

11. Learned a Foreign Language. Je ne comprends pas la question.

12. Dyed My Hair Some Insane Color. Yes, it was sort of purple, and there was that bout of blond, but I wish I’d gone blue or pink when I could get away with it.

13. Gotten More Tattoos. One so far.

14. Volunteered More. And donated more.

15. Road Tripped. I drove to Chicago from California and back again, but I would have loved to have traversed the U.S. for, like, a month, just for fun.

16. Started My Own Small Business. You learn a lot when you’re your own boss.

17. Ran a Marathon. Except for the part about the bleeding nipples.

18. Been More Spiritual. With age comes wisdom?

19. Spent More Time with People Who Died. Too late now.

20. Attended More Weddings. I think I’ve only been to three.

21. Gotten a Boob Job. Kidding! (Sort of.)

22. Figured Out Who I Was. They call that a process. The “process” that lasts a lifetime.

23. Mastered Yoga. An impossible task, but a girl can dream.

24. Learned How to Surf. Riding the waves seems like a good metaphor for pretty much anything.

25. Competed in the Olympics. I rode horses for 12 years, but I didn’t push my way to the big leagues.

26. Read Moby Dick. Or War and Peace. Or Anna Karenina.

27. Got Over Turning 30. Accept it, already!

28. Conquered My Fear of Heights. Working on that.

29. Learned How to Cook. I don’t know how to cook a chicken.

30. Stopped Making Lists. No time like the present …