Would You Share Your Secrets Online?

The internet is a veritable breeding ground for self-obsessives, voyeurs and exhibitionists (just look at the amount of amateur porn out there!). But the web also allows for people to divulge their most private and perverse thoughts from the privacy of their own homes — anonymously and safely. Sites like PostSecret and Hear My Secrets prove that people want to share the deepest parts of their guts with the world. And boy, what secrets they share! Among some of the recent posts on Hear My Secrets:

You’ve all but asked me to marry you. Please tell your parents you’re seeing me. I have no intention of ever leaving you, but I won’t be your fiancee in secret.

I had unprotected sex with a prostitute, and I liked it.

We suppose people feel some sense of relief in sharing these secrets with an audience of virtual strangers — and the internet provides a truly unique forum for that. Would you ever tell a deep secret on an online secret-sharing site?