Today’s Lady News: Tina Fey Owes It All To Sarah Palin

  • Check out Tina Fey’s acceptance speech for receiving the Mark Twain Prize for humor last week. Tina is only the third woman in history to do so after Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg. “I do hope women are achieving at a rate these days that we can stop counting what number they are at things,” Fey said. “Yes, I was the first female head writer on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and yes, I was the second woman to be pregnant on the show, and yes, I am only the third recipient of this prize. I would love to be the fourth woman to do something, but I just don’t see myself married to Lorne [Micheals, producer of “SNL”].” She also thanks Sarah Palin: “My partial resemblance and her crazy voice are the two luckiest things that have ever happened to me.” []
  • Four hundred schools in the U.K. changed “gingerbread men” to “gingerbread persons” on a school newsletter in an attempt to be politically correct. [The Gloss]

  • Johnny Knoxville said no more women doing stunts on “Jackass.” He told UK Elle, “[Occasional “Jackass”-er Stephanie Hodge] got hurt doing a stunt once and so we decided no more girls doing stunts.” Um, isn’t the point of “Jackass” to get hurt? [MSN]
  • Financial firm PricewaterhouseCooper suspended three guys who made up the “top 10 hotties” list of female colleagues (plus three more ladies for possible inclusion) that circulated around the company. [Business Insider]
  • The first-ever abortion clinic in Yakima, Washington, closed today. Planned Parenthood has expanded its abortion services in the area and the Yakima clinic, which began as the Feminist Women’s Health Center 31 years ago, is no longer needed. [Yakima Herald]
  • A book club in Brooklyn, New York, brings together Muslim and non-Muslim women so they can better understand each other. [New York Daily News]
  • Cartoonist Nicole Hollander had her “Sylvia” comic strip dumped by the Chicago Tribune last February, but her strip about a crabby old lady will live online forever in blog form. [Chicago Tribune]
  • At least three kids at St. Charles North High School in Illinois wore “Straight Pride” tee shirts last week which said on the back, “If a man lay with a male as those who lay with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and shall surely be put to death.” Later in the day, the kids were asked to cover up the slogan on the back. The next day, two kids came to school wearing the shirts and were asked to put sweatshirts on. [Jezebel]
  • Meet Daisy Khan, one of the planners of the Islamic center in downtown Manhattan. (Or as certain news channels insist on calling it, “the Ground Zero mosque.”) [New York Times]
  • The Theater Development Fund declined to award the female-only Wasserstein Prize this year because it said none of the 19 entrants were up to snuff. The Wasserstein Prize, named for the late playwright Wendy Wasserstein, grants $25,000 to female playwrights under age 31 who have not received critical attention to their work. [Isak]
  • Speaking in Philadelphia last week, feminist icon Gloria Steinem said the idea women can “have it all” is a myth. “Women are told they can have it all, that they can do anything, as long as they also keep doing everything else they were doing before,” Steinem said. [Canada East]
  • Many American Muslim women feel uncomfortable with U.S. doctors, according to a study by a Muslim emergency doctor at the University of Michigan. For instance, some women may feel uncomfortable asking to be treated by a Muslim doctor or a female doctor when taken to the hospital. [USA Today]
  • Cancer survivor Peggy Orenstein shares her distaste with the pink-ification of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, particularly the “I love boobies” bracelets beloved by kids. [New York Times Magazine]
  • Fast Company magazine is looking to compile a list of the most influential women in tech. Find out how to send in your nominations! [Fast Company]


  • The Dutch are freaking out over the annual Hookers Ball, which celebrates the country’s legal sex workers. [Advocate]
  • The Libyan dictator is trying to match up pretty Italian women with his country’s single men. [The Guardian]
  • British women who wear face-covering Muslim veils (burqas or niqabs) speak out about why they choose to wear it. One teen girl said she considers it an “accessory” that helps her fit in with her friends. [This Is London U.K.]
  • In a series in the London Guardian’s newspaper, a woman seeking an abortion anonymously shared how she was feeling. “There isn’t a choice: I am an unemployed recent graduate barely able to afford the pregnancy test, with a boyfriend on bar wages,” she wrote. “But after the scan, I want the nurse to find some unfathomable medical reason why termination isn’t an option, so I’d be justified in keeping a child I don’t want to lose but can’t really provide for.” [The Guardian]