Our 4 Favorite Conan O’Brien Commercials

Commercials are far from our favorite things. And yet, American Express has managed to make ones we don’t fast forward through by plucking uber-cool celebrities, like Tina Fey and Wes Anderson, and creating mini movies with them. Now, AmEx has tapped Conan O’Brien for an ad. In this spot, Conan goes to India, picks out thread at a market, and washes fabric in a river—all to make the perfect red curtains for the set of his new show. Hmmm, I wonder what lengths he went to for his interview couch?

After the jump, more great Conan commercials.

In this genius promo for “Conan,” everyone’s favorite redhead spoofs the commercial Paris Hilton did for Carl’s Jr, where she sexily washes a car and chomps a burger. In Conan’s version, he lathers up his desk and takes a bite out of a sponge.

This Bud Light ad that aired during the Super Bowl is kind of genius. Conan agrees to do a commercial after being told it will only air in Europe. Cut to the embarrassing ridiculousness airing on a big screen in Times Square. Conan looks kind of good in pink bunny ears. “Vroom vroom party starter.”

This promo for “Conan” played in movie theaters. In it, Conan beats up his stunt double and drives his car off a cliff. It’s Coco gone bad boy. In leather!