Not Sure If You “Can Do Better”? Let Strangers Decide!

I’ll admit, when I’m scrolling through my potential online dating matches, I’m sometimes thinking, I can do better. I can do better. I can do better. And also, though far more rare, Eek, he can do better. And, I imagine, when I message someone who I think might be a good match for me — someone I think would be worthy of going on a date with — and they don’t reply, I acknowledge that he’s probably thought to himself, Eh, I can do better. And that’s fine, because I would like to meet someone who agrees that we might be good for each other. But what if you’re the type of person who can’t make that kind of decision for yourself, especially in the looks department? Who stares in the mirror and is unable to answer the question, How hot a guy can I actually get? Let CanDoBetter, a “social networking site that fuses together traditional dating and a ‘New Age’ experience,” help! Users upload a photo of themselves and the person they’re interested in — usually procured via Facebook and/or Google stalking — and then they, as the site’s motto goes, “Let The World Decide!” Other users rate the pairing with one of three options: “He Can Do Better,” “She Can Do Better,” or “Perfect Match,” and the person proceeds accordingly, in theory. I see only one fatal flaw with this model: only half of this potential pairing is privy to the knowledge that crowd-sourcing was used to give the thumbs up or down. Now, if both the players were involved? Well, then, this would be the perfect way to ensure that indecisive, shallow sheep would only date each other. [Lemondrop]