Another Conveniently Timed Engagement

Earlier today, we shared the news that Jessica Simpson is engaged after a whirlwind five months with football player Eric Johnson. Coincidentally, the announcement came just days after her ex-husband Nick Lachey said that he and Vanessa Minnillo are tying the knot. And now we have another suspiciously timed engagement. A week and a half after LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian faked us out with an engagement TwitPic, and subsequently denied that they were getting married, LeAnn’s ex-husband Dean Sheremet announced that he will be walking down the aisle again, with new love Sarah Silver. LeAnn of course instantly tweeted how happy she was for Dean. “Congrats to @deansheremet and @sarah_silver on your engagement! A little birdie told me the happy news last night. Wishes for a life full of happiness,” she wrote in a message very similar to Jessica’s to Nick. You know, since celebrities aren’t allowed to express the inevitable emotions that pop up when someone they once thought they’d spend their life with ends up with another person.

What’s so interesting about both Jessica and Dean’s engagements is that they happened so fast—Jessica’s after five months together and Dean’s after less than a year. Which is what seems so strange—like they’re in a race to the finish line of marital bliss against their ex. I hope this isn’t the case and that both of these couples are planning weddings because they are thrilled to spend their lives as a team. Hey, that could be the case. [People]