Father Of 88 Wants An Even 100 Kids

How many kids is too many kids? If you’re Daad Murad Abdul Rahman, then you can never have enough. The 64-year-old Arab Emirates citizen already has 88 children but wants to make it an even 100. So he’s marrying an 18-year-old Indian girl named Aisha and hopes to have 100 kids by 2015 (this is making my uterus hurt). Rahman’s been married 15 times and currently has three wives. This latest union was arranged via his doctor and Rahman says he will bring Aisha back to his home city of Ajman after the wedding. He says he’ll stop marrying when he has an even 100 children.

Rahman’s oldest son is 39 and his youngest child is just a few months old. Rahman supports his multitudinous brood with his Army pension and is aided with some government support, including several free homes provided by the government. Rahman and his 50 sons and 38 daughters were once featured on an international television special about big families. “My new wife is impressed because she has already seen me on TV channels,” Rahman says. “Several TV people have come to my house to interview me and shoot my family members.” [Emirates 24/7]