Do Not Want: Graeme Armour Frill Shorts

graemearmourfront 110110 m jpg
As fashion lovers and huge proponents of creativity in general, Opening Ceremony has been a fashion mecca for many years. The retailer could do no wrong, in our opinion — or so we thought. Enter the Graeme Armour gold lame leather ruffle shorts. A hint (if you need one) that something won’t look good on a normal person is if they look atrocious on a model (which, these, in fact, DO). We are unclear as to the reasoning behind an article of clothing such as this, and wonder in all sincerity, if the designer was trying to play a cruel joke on us all. It’s just that with a sale price of $1,340, we are not laughing, at all.

If you think the front is bad, take a look at the back after the jump, and then tell us — would you wear these or anything like them, and if so, where?

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