Ask The Astrosexologist: “Should I Continue To Wait For My Aries Man To Completely Commit?”

I am a Capricorn and for the past six years I’ve been dating an Aries. It always seemed that we got along together, and he always spoke of commitment and marriage. However, he is (according to my standards at least) unable to follow through because his chosen career doesn’t let him to earn enough and he also can’t spare any money. He is a smart guy and I have long sought to convince him to change careers, so he can have a good salary; combined with mine, we could finally live together. He agrees in theory, but when the time comes, he says I am not supportive of his dream. We have already broken up twice because of this.

My question is, if he wanted to change, wouldn’t he have so far? He swears I am his world (and he is faithful too), but I feel one can not base an adult life, home, kids, mortgage on sweet words and love alone. Is it really love, if he refrains from fulfilling my most intense wish, which is also for his own good? I really don’t know what to do. I feel I should move on, but I love him. Point is, I am not sure anymore whether he loves me as much as I thought. What do the stars say? – Capricorns Are Not Cold Blooded

Six years is a long time to wait for anything! If he really wanted to make it work, he would make it work — he would have moved in with you and thought of you as an asset who can help him achieve his dreams. Instead, he is using his monetary situation as an excuse — which for a short time isn’t an issue, but for six years?

Aries men like to work fast and the longer they wait, the more you can count on the fact they aren’t going to be doing what they say. They love having ideas, but when it comes to following through, they aren’t the best — and in your case, that means six years of waiting for him. As a Capricorn, you do like to move slow and build thoroughly, but after six years, you aren’t getting the returns you want. Think of that investment as your emotions — are you getting back what you put in? No. It seems apparent you want to have a family, a home, a marriage, but waiting for it this long, astrology aside, just seems like you are barking up the wrong tree and left nagging about the climb being difficult.

As it stands, Capricorns (and Cancers) are currently going through their eclipse cycles, which are roughly two-year periods that strike every six months that can bring sudden changes. Cancer and Capricorns tend to break up or get married, or at least get one big piece of their puzzle solved during these times. These cycles hit around every June/July and December/January. The most recent one began around late 2008 and will continue until mid-2011. Examples of people with these signs who had significant breakdowns or breakthroughs during this time: Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and Orlando Bloom, to name a few.

So, it’s no surprise you are going through your pros and cons list now. Sure, you love him, but what we love isn’t always the best for us. Of course, before you make your decision, break it down with your boo and let him know all that you feel, all that you want, and all that you will stand for. This is the time to draw boundaries and start looking after yourself — as in getting what you want — instead of waiting on the sidelines and hoping fate will eventually bring in what you need. Luckily, you also have Jupiter, the planet of luck, in Pisces until early January 2011, which will be in your communications house and can help you articulate what’s in your heart. Either or, once you have the full truth and can trust it deep in your heart, it’ll be one less thing left to confuse you.

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