Woman Claims She Was Cuffed To Chair And Had Ticket Ripped Up For Refusing Full Body Scan

I’m not usually one to claim women are misrepresenting the truth when they say something bad has happened to them. I like it when someone claims something happened and the video tape of the incident actually proves them right. I’ve listened to radio personality Meg McLain describe an airport ordeal where she refused a full-body scan, and watched the long, audio-less CCTV tape of the incident, and “exaggerating” is the word that comes to mind. McLain said she was grabbed by the arm, her ticket was ripped up and she was handcuffed to a chair as she sobbed. While she was definitely handcuffed to a chair and the TSA agents do not look like they are listening to her, it’s not quite the drama she describes on air. This is the CCTV tape of the incident, which is extremely long and fairly uneventful:

“I’d rather them not touch me in ways I’m not comfortable with,” Meg said on-air. Agree with you, sister. She should absolutely be allowed to refuse a full-body scan! (Meg’s co-host claims she was chosen because she’s hot, which may or may not be true.) But refusing to get a pat-down because she thought they were going to “squeeze” and “twist” her breasts? That’s a bit much to accuse someone of doing before it even happens. I’m not sure what grand statement about national security or personal privacy this whole to-do accomplished, other than to prove that these particular TSA agents are hot-headed and a bit unprofessional.

For what it’s worth, Meg is a libertarian radio host. Maybe this was some big stunt to piss off Big Brother? [BuzzFeed]