Trailer Park: “Morning Glory,” “Unstoppable,” “Tiny Furniture,” “Skyline,” “Cool It”

We’re getting to that fun part of fall when you’ve finally embraced the season and are about to enter Christmas lights and frigid cold territory. You’re going to have to go shopping for presents eventually and sometimes the movies are a good break from those T. Rex claws you get from lugging around too many bags in the cold. This week has a good mix of genres—so go out, see a movie, be merry and spike the cider while you’re at it.

The Movie: “Morning Glory”
The Trailer: Becky (Rachel McAdams) is an up-and-coming news producer who tries to pull “Daybreak” from its last-place rating by persuading a well-respected retired evening newsman (Harrison Ford) to co-anchor alongside the show’s host (Diane Keaton).
The Hitch: The screenplay was written by Aline Brosh McKenna of “The Devil Wears Prada” fame, so she was basically asked to pick a different career for a feisty go-getter to take on and she appreciated the morning show genre. I’m excited to see Harrison Ford take on the jerk role but every time I think of news shows, I remember that awful movie “Little Black Book” and get twitches.

The Movie: “Unstoppable”
The Trailer: An unmanned train full of toxic chemicals is about to careen into a town and another train full of really cute school children. A newbie engineer (Chris Pine) and his about-to-be-laid-off mentor (Denzel Washington) set out to stop the train on its warpath.
The Hitch: Tony Scott needs to stop making train movies. I don’t even care if they’re true stories. Was anyone that excited about “The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3″? At least that one took place on a subway. No one takes trains anymore except for the Amish … and me once when I spent my airfare on highlights.

The Movie: “Tiny Furniture”
The Trailer: Lena Dunham (who also wrote and directed the film) just graduated from college and came home to her (real-life) mother Laurie Simmons, who is a famous artist/photographer, and her little sister Grace. Lena endures some romantic humiliation and post-college crisis .
The Hitch: I think a lot of people in their mid-20s probably relate to that whole “What the hell am I doing?” crisis and there seems to be an increasingly large number of post-grads who also have this sense of entitlement like the world owes them something. This looks hilarious. If you’ve got access to the limited release, go!

The Movie: “Skyline”
The Trailer: A bunch of partying friends wake up from their passed-out positions to see light beams in the windows and those who go towards the light vanish into thin air. The survivors avoid the light as everyone else disappears into the spaceships hovering above earth.
The Hitch: Oh good, it’s starring Donald Faison and that white guy who’s in every bad movie ever — Eric Balfour. I don’t take that to be an automatic sign of doom, but the vague, blinding trailer didn’t help much.

The Movie: “Cool It”
The Trailer: Bjorn Lomborg is the controversial author of Cool It and The Skeptical Environmentalist. He spends his time traveling and debating the facts and science of global warming and its impact on the earth. He also founded a think tank that works on global issues and finds financially plausible solutions for the problems. The movie follows his work on finding solutions for climate change and environmental pollution.
The Hitch: I’m already pretty confused about what I’m supposed to be doing for the environment. But this is either going to make it way more confusing or clear it up a bit, hopefully.