Skype Helps Gay Couple Get Wed Legally

Just when you thought the interwebs couldn’t get any more awesome, it goes and performs a sweet new function in the name of love! The world’s first “gay digital wedding” allowed Texans Thomas Mark Reed and Dante Karl Walkup to get legally married in D.C., without so much as leaving Dallas. Surrounded by their family and friends in their hometown, the happy couple Skyped in officiant Shelia Alexander-Reid from the capital, where gay marriage is recognized, and thereby made themselves officially husband and husband in the eyes of the law. The lovebirds vows were all part of the E-Marriage Project, set up by brilliant Michigan State University Law Professors Mae Kuykendall and Adam Candeub, as a way to circumvent some states’ bans on gay marriage. Now, thanks to technology, love really conquers all! Suck it stupid, marriage inequality! [The Daily What]