Ask The Man Panel: “Beetlejuice” Couture

This bright, stripey outfit is from the much-lauded Jil Sander spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection. With the combination of a billowy candy cane skirt and exposed side boob, I couldn’t wait to see what the Man Panel had to say about this one. Read their candid reactions after the jump!Alec, 25: Are they fumigating her lower half?

Damien, 33: At first I thought it was odd that she was wearing half of MC Hammer’s pants and then I noticed the boob stripes. Boob stripes automatically make every outfit awesome.

Henry, 27: I bet those straps are load-bearing.

Nick, 24: I saw street clowns in Mexico wearing that same outfit.

Kyle, 22: It looks like she is trying to win the world’s worst “Where’s Waldo?” costume contest.

Devin, 21: It’s refreshing to see that the “Beetlejuice” wardrobe department recycles.