And The Prize Goes To … The Most Expensive Impulse Buy

Last week, we asked you to tell us the story of your most expensive impulse buy, in the hopes of winning a $100 gift card from HauteLook. Damn! I thought I was an impulse shopper, but never have I considered buying a house on impulse, like our winner did. So prgirl is the winner of the $100 HauteLook gift card. Check out her incredible story after the jump!

“This one is a serious cautionary tale. I bought a house on impulse. You got it, I bought into the damn American Dream and been regretting ever since.

The lease to my apartment was up and I didn’t renew because stupidly I thought it would be easy to find another apartment, no problem. I wanted one with a patio or a balcony so I could have some outdoor plants. Well, the move out date was fast approaching, and nothing looked even remotely affordable! Looking thought the ads I spotted a house for real cheap–I called, went to look at it, and in a day I had made up my mind to buy it in a panic because I could not find an affordable apartment!

Everyone from my parents to my co-workers thought it was about time I bought a house, it was the responsible thing to do, blah, blah, blah…

Well, I never wanted to own a house because to me it’s synonymous with having a weight around your neck that weighs you down. I paid too much for it, and now I am stuck. I couldn’t (and still can’t) afford the needed repairs, but I have many outdoor plants–they are called weeds. 

I hate my house, will be selling it as soon as I can for I don’t care how much–I just want out!”

Congratulations, and good luck, prgirl!