5 Stars Who Shilled For Male Performance-Enhancing Products

Given the fact that Kourtney Kardashian was too embarrassed to buy her own lube on a recent episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” I can’t imagine that she’s super thrilled that her boyfriend, Scott Disick, just launched a male performance-enhancing drug called Amidren: High-T. Usually, the honor of shilling sexy performance enhancement drugs is given to people who’ve presumably given up on having a respectable career, but didn’t Scott only just start working for a living? We’ve found a few other “celebs” guilty of selling out for promises of girth, longevity and all that creepy stuff. [People]

  1. Hopefully, former U.S. Senator Bob Dole was paid a crap-ton for his Viagra endorsement deal because he’s still the butt of jokes, over a decade later! It was nice of the man to be open about erectile dysfunction, in his case because of prostate cancer, but a lot of people wish he’d talked about it in a non-commercial setting instead. Whatever, Elizabeth Dole wasn’t complaining. [PSA Rising]

  2. Former Dallas Cowboys coach and Fox NFL football analyst Jimmy Johnson became the spokesperson for ExtenZe, a male enhancement pill that claims to elongate a guy’s member. I guess Jimmy has a party dude reputation, as demonstrated in the commercials where he frolics around with tan, bikini-clad young ladies. And I suppose the idea is that even if you’re way old, if you have a long penis, girls will totally love you anyway. [Sportress of Blogitude]
  3. It’s kind of shocking how many Japanese commercials Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in, but perhaps the most interesting were for “potency” cocktails. It should probably be noted that he made as much as $3 million per commercial, so I guess you can’t really blame the guy? Plus, after doing steroids in the ’70s, maybe he needed some extra help in that area? [MSN]
  4. Porn star Tera Patrick took the honor of becoming a spokesperson for Clavine (TM) natural male enhancement. Unlike most of these endorsements, this one actually kind of makes sense since obviously guys need some help to score a sex professional. Plus, in the press releases, they called her a “celebrity film star,” which is kind of an awesome euphemism for “porn star,” isn’t it? [The Free Library]