Style 911: “How Can I Work Sequined Pieces Into My Daytime Outfits?”

style 911 jpg
I love to wear my sequined pieces when I go out at night, but is it possible to wear them during the day, too? I’m not sure how to style them without looking like I just stumbled out of a club. – Sarah

I, too, love sequins. In fact, I wear them so often that it’s usually possible to track my movements throughout the day by the little trail of sequins I leave behind. Kind of like Hansel and Gretel, if Hansel were a drag queen. Anyway, there are definitely a few ways to dress your sequined pieces down enough for daytime wear, which is great, because have you ever seen the way a sequin sparkles in the sunlight? It’s magical. Depending on your office environment, you may never get to rock the sequin look at work, but here are a few ideas to get more wear out of your sparkly pieces …

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