Share Your DIY Gift Ideas!

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Unless you’re my mom, in which case you started thinking about this year’s holiday gifts on December 26th of last year. But for the rest of us, mid-to-late November is a sane time to get the ball rolling. And if you think you might like to make any homemade gifts, you should probably get cracking pronto — at least on the planning. In the comments, I’d love to hear your ideas for DIY gifts — things you’ve done in the past, ideas you’ve seen elsewhere and would like to try, things you’ve received and loved — especially if they don’t require too much in the way of sewing, knitting or crafty skills. After the jump, a few ideas to get things started.1. Baked Goods Gift Basket

I like to bake, so a few years ago when I was working as a designer at a flower shop, I brought home a few pretty baskets from the shop, lined them with Christmas greens, and filled them with mini loaves of banana bread (here’s my favorite recipe for delicious chocolate chip ginger banana bread), pumpkin bread, and a variety of cookies. I also brought home lots of paper white bulbs (in season now and very easy to grow indoors) and wrapped groups of three in little gift bags tied with pretty ribbon and included planting stones and vases to grow them in. You can do all kinds of variations of these gift baskets, depending on what your craft level is and the interest/needs of your recipients are. Tea towels, cookie mix in a jar, and pasta sauces or any other food gift in a jar would also be great additions.

2. DIY Bubble Bath

I love flea markets and I’m always seeing cool bottles and jars I want to take home but know I don’t have much use for. But this time of year, I can fill them with something and give them away as gifts. One great idea is to fill them with bubble bath (just make sure to wash the bottle thoroughly first!), and if you’re feeling very ambitious/creative, you could even make your own labels. Here’s a how-to article, with links to bubble bath recipes and label-makers.

3. Candles in Vintage Tins

Cool vintage tins are another thing I find all the time in my flea market rummaging, and now I have a fun idea for what to do with all those tins: make candles! Here’s a fairly easy how-to-guide that will get you inspired to start your vintage tin search now.

In the comments, share your DIY gift ideas, with links to how-to articles, videos, or pics of the final product, and I’ll do a round-up post of some of the best suggestions.