Police Subpoena “Teen Mom” Amber For Punching Her Baby Daddy

It’s hard to forget the episode of “Teen Mom” where Amber Portwood kicks out her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, for taking their daughter and threatening to call child services. As he leaves, they get into a big fight. During the scene, Amber gets in his face cursing. She hits him repeatedly, and calls him things like a “fat piece of s**t.” As he retreats down the stairs, she kicks him. The scene was shocking when it aired. And now the police are reviewing the unedited footage. The Indiana police subpoenaed the footage from MTV to determine whether to charge Amber with felony domestic violence. Apparently, the charges seem to hinge on whether the baby, Leah, witnessed the fight. [NY Daily News]

What’s so shocking about the footage is how physical Amber gets while Gary stays calm as a cucumber, not raising a hand except to deflect her blows. I very much hope Amber gets into serious anger management as a result of this—though I don’t know how I feel about her going to jail or losing custody of her child. What do you think?