Insider Claims Life As A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Is A Living Hell

Anyone been watching the CMT channel’s reality show “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team”? Clips posted online portray the cheer squad as sugary sweet good ol’ girls: In one episode, they visit Iraq War veterans and in another they dig in at Cracker Barrel. (Although the actual eating part doesn’t make it onscreen.)

But alas, there’s a rat in their “white and blue star-spangled” midst! A source tells our friend Lilit Marcus, the editor-in-chief of The Gloss, that it’s not all pom-poms and Vaseline teeth in Cowboys land. “They are just not the ‘America’s Sweethearts’ that people make them out to be,” sniped the source. He or she alleges eating disorders are a “huge problem,” there’s a double standard applied to hooking up with members of the Cowboys, and worst of all, Kelli Finglass, director of the DCC operation — “the heart and soul of the organization” — and Judy Trammell, the DCC choreographer, have “pets” on the team who can “get away with murder.”

CMT claims “the opportunity for a woman to make the team is akin to winning the lottery,” but life on the squad sounds more like hell. “Gaining weight” is a reason to be dismissed from the squad which sounds reasonable enough for an athletic team but the source told The Gloss that “sometimes rules about weight are enforced, sometimes they’re not.” If a cheerleader is Finglass or Trammell’s “pet,” they will look the other way if she packs on pounds, plagiarizes blog posts on the DCC’s blog, or gets caught kicking back with a bottle of Stoli. “Some girls get in trouble for drinking, some don’t,” he or she claims.

Worst of all, cheerleaders are forbidden from hooking up with Cowboys, but if a player bags a cheerleader, they “never” get in trouble. “They might get a lecture on making better choices, but they will never be punished,” the source told The Gloss. “The double standard is alive and well.”

All this is quite a departure from Finglass’ own bio, which effuses:

“Finglass personifies the high standards of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and is an exemplary role model who demonstrates passion, focus and enthusiasm for the squad and women of all ages all across America. Her exacting expectations and commitment to each cheerleader is evident in their conduct both on and off the field.”

Surprise, surprise, The Gloss has heard from a representative from the DCC, which said the post is “quite a bit wrong” but did not clarify or take specific issue with anything said.

If any of y’all know about life on the DCC squad — positive or negative — let us know.

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