Good News For Dudes: An Active Sex Life Means A Longer Life. But There’s A Catch.

Gentlemen, it is time for a pants-off dance-off. A new study shows that sex on the regular can help you live longer. After surveying 4,000 men, the Italian Society of Sexual Medicine found that the guys who had an active sex life with a steady partner had fewer cardiovascular complaints and tended to live longer. But the catch: they had to be faithful to their spouses.Research coordinator Dr Emmanuele Jannini believes this effect is due to the increased levels of testosterone in a man’s body during sex. This extra release helps burn excess sugars, which can cause heart disease in guys, and also helps increase a man’s metabolism and to minimize depression.

So why would cheaters not fare well here? Dr. Jannini believes that the cheaters among his group usually had poor cardiovascular health due to the increased stress they experienced trying to conceal their affairs.

While this is good news for faithful dudes, I also expect this study to generate plenty of horrible pick-up lines. [Telegraph]