Girl On Girl: 8 Reasons I Love Being A Lesbian

I know that too often I write about homophobia, harassment and my own experiences with catcalling jerkfaces. But the truth is, I love being a lesbian and I wouldn’t change my sexuality for anything. If you don’t believe me—or even if you do—check out my list of reasons why being into chicks rocks.

Random reason I love being a lesbian: My girlfriend doesn’t treat my vagina like a fire-spewing dragon when I’m on the rag.
  • You can share stuff. You know how you share clothes, makeup and shoes with your best friend? My girlfriend and I do that too. But, since we’re dating, I don’t have to be all nice and ask sweetly. I just say, “Gimme a sweater. I’m cold!” Or if we’re going out, “I’m borrowing your slinky black top!”
  • Periods aren’t a mystery, nor are they gross. My girlfriend doesn’t treat my vagina like a fire-spewing dragon when I’m on the rag. It doesn’t deter her from having sex and she doesn’t say, “UGH!” when I tell her I have it like some of my ex-boyfriends used to do. (By the way, guys, if you ever say that, stop.)
  • Sex is intuitive. Let’s just say when you have the same parts there’s much less of a learning curve.
  • It’s easier to turn down dudes. When I was younger and a guy asked me out or tried to kiss me, I’d get all red in the face and say something super lame. Now, I don’t hesitate. My answer is, “No, sorry I’m gay.” Dudes don’t always believe me, but once I give them a few details about the longevity and seriousness of my relationship, it becomes pretty clear. Then, they leave me alone. Or ask for a threesome. But still, it’s easier.
  • Being able to say “What should I wear?” Without getting made fun of by your boyfriend.
  • Everyone wants to set you up. After I came out all of my friends were suddenly like, “Ooo! I have a lesbian friend. You two should meet.” For some reason, this never happened when I was straight.
  • It makes hanging out with guys more fun. There are a lot of things guys say when we chicks aren’t around. After coming out, I learned most of them and, I’ll admit, even partake once in a while. It’s vulgar and crude but sometimes you just need to talk about a how a woman’s butt looks in her jeans.
  • I’m much more at ease and happy with myself now. Coming to terms with who I really am and telling people about it improved my self-esteem, moods and relationships. Letting go of secrets and concerns that you’ve kept hidden inside is the most freeing act ever.

On that note, I encourage those who have a secret that is bothering them to tell someone. More and more lately, I’ve been reading about people who took years to tell someone about abuse they suffered as a child, to reveal their sexuality or to describe a life-altering incident. If you have something to say, say it. Tell a therapist, friend or family member. But tell someone.