Do You Keep Tokens From Exes Or Toss ‘Em Immediately?

When you and a partner break up, do you immediately dump everything that reminds you of him, or do you let stuff linger around? Post-breakup messes are handled differently by everyone. For me, I’d rather have a clean slate and I’ll typically get rid of anything and everything that reminds of me of my ex. I’ll throw items away, or stick them someplace where I won’t have to look at them for a really long time and generally try to “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” my life. I realize not everyone’s the same though — and that’s where the Museum of Broken Relationships comes in. It’s a museum dedicated to preserving the unwanted ephemera from past relationships. Formerly a traveling exhibition, the museum now has a permanent location, fittingly in the formerly war-torn city of Zagreb, Croatia. There, you can see everything from an old gifted garden gnome to an axe and fuzzy pink handcuffs. And the museum is still taking submissions. So if you’re aching for a past relationship to be memorialized forever, go ahead and send them your stuff. What would YOU donate? [Museum of Broken Relationships]