Do You Ever Wish You Could Totally Change Careers?

If you could make a radical career change, would you? If you’re like Chad Hurley, the guy who founded YouTube, you absolutely would. Hurley founded YouTube in 2005 and sold it to Google for an astronomical $1.76 billion in 2006, so he could choose to sit around and burn money all day if he wanted to. Instead, he founded Hlaska clothing company, a menswear clothing company, because he saw a hole in the market. “It really just comes down to trusting your instincts and creating things that you’d use yourself,” he said. Hurley’s radical shift — from tech-y YouTube head to menswear clothing designer–is inspiring. And it makes us think about what we might do in an alternate universe. For some, it’s difficult to conceive of choosing another career path, but for others, a totally different life seems like a great alternative. Would you make a radical career change if you could? Have you ever given up one career to pursue another? [Daily Beast]