A Few Of My Favorite Things: Fashion Blogger Sara Zucker From SaraZucker.com

Fashion blogger Sara Zucker is a woman on a mission — for both great grilled cheese AND incredible fashion. Zucker runs her eponymous blog SaraZucker.com, which has been featured in Lucky magazine, she’s written for a slew of great style publications, and she was kind enough to talk to The Frisky about some of her favorite inspirations right now.

“It’s all about the men in my life,” she tells us. “That is, the men that inspire my wardrobe choices on a daily basis. I’d like to think of myself as a fairly strong, independent, single woman, but it has to be said that my personal style is all about the testosterone. Think wide-brimmed hats, fatigue, neutrals, clean lines and no frills. So who are these men that play such a huge part in my life?”

After the jump, Sara’s top five fashion man-spirations.

Sara’s Favorite Things
Bob Dylan: Do I really need to explain why? Bob rocks both on and off the stage, except when people think he’s homeless.
Jacques Cousteau: Red beanie. Enough said.
Paul Bunyan: Flannel plaid, construction boots and a big-ass tree-chopping axe? He knew how to get the job done in style.
Crocodile Dundee: Who wouldn’t want to trim their hat in reptile teeth? Let’s be serious.
Steve McQueen: Neither ladies nor men could resist this badass and I’m pretty sure it had to do with all those moto jackets he owned.