Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Did Demi Lovato Do Cocaine? Is Kelly Preston Having Baby Troubles?

The tabloids love a good wedding and when one isn’t going on, they have no problem cooking up some conjecture. In this round of gossip mags, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are all getting weddings planned for them. So after you pack your bags to jet off to all these non-existent nuptials, settle down and see what is going on in the fantasy land of celebrities and their glamorous lives.

  • For all of you who somehow missed Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush’s breakup or have never seen “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” this will be news to you. Kim thought she would be married by now. In People, she admits that if she followed the plan she made for herself in high school she would be a housewife with four kids. But she has decided that having a multi-million dollar enterprise is pretty good, too. Still, she bemoans the fact that her constant press coverage scares good guys away and attracts the fame whores, but is still hopeful she will find Mr. Right eventually. “It’s what I want—but it doesn’t define me,” she says, a quote that the whole article seems to refute.
  • For those you who could bear the chatter of talking heads on election night, you probably noticed much discussion about whether Sarah Palin would run for president in 2012. In her interview with People she only offers, “If there’s an opportunity for me to help America get back on track, I will do that.” What Palin is a little less vague about is her new reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The former governor admits that she will have a part in the editing process, and is hoping to show “Alaska’s natural beauty and hard-working people.” Viewers will also get a closer look at her relationship with Todd, who films and researches info for Sarah’s Fox News appearances, makes scheduling decisions, and plays a big part in raising the kids.
  • Jake and Taylor update! People has the well-researched facts on why this unexpected pairing is working. And by facts, I mean unnamed sources. Friends of Swift say that Jake is super sweet to Taylor and has charmed her so much that she is always giddy about seeing him. No, duh! It’s Jake! Another thing that supposedly strengthens the twosome? Gyllenhaal is big fan of Taylor’s music. Does this mean he is in it for the free serenades? In related “news”: People readers have spoken and voted that this new couple should be called “TayJay” — with “Swiftenhaal” being the runner-up. [People]

  • Star say there’s turmoil in the Travolta house, and that the couple’s unborn baby may be affected by it. Things started to get gloomy between the expecting parents when John jetted off to Australia for an airline anniversary celebration 20 days before the baby is due. John is said to be confident that he won’t miss the big day and has his phone in hand and plane ready in case their new son chooses to arrive early. But the 22-hour flight that separates John from his family is said to have Kelly stressing, especially since she has supposedly experienced early contractions. John’s stepmom and retired nurse June Travolta says that the stress could negatively affect the child, even more so since Kelly is having a baby late in life. Let’s hope that planes, fathers, and babies all arrive on time for these two.
  • Star has done a bit of hunting and picked out the juiciest bits from Kelly Osbourne’s TV appearance on “Pier’s Morgan Life Stories.” In the interview, Kelly shares scary info about her dark days of heavy drug use, saying that she has probably tried it all “except for crack.” Her biggest battle was with prescription pills, which she was introduced to at 13 after receiving Vicodin for oral surgery. This spiraled into an addiction that culminated with Osbourne taking 100 pills a day to fight the feeling that she was “fat and ugly.” Among the low points, she recounts waking up to her mother punching her back, because she thought that she had stopped breathing. Today, Kelly is confident she can stay clean, saying that four rehab visits have been enough for a lifetime. Some wisdom to share with Lindsay Lohan, perhaps?
  • What is a Tabloid Cheat Sheet without a young, successful woman who John Mayer is trying to con into his lair? The most recent alleged victim is Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis. Even though the TV chef is married with children, sources say that didn’t stop her and John from connecting. Though the two have met before, things apparently didn’t reach a boil until last month when they met up at a party at NYC’s aptly named Boom Boom Room. The two were said to leave the party holdings hands, after which they stopped at another club and then took the “Boom Boom” into their own room at a Manhattan hotel. Yeah, I couldn’t ignore that joke. [Star]

  • Now that Demi Lovato is in rehab, the rumor mill has started to spin full time for the young starlet. Life & Style has a set of exclusive interviews with Texas teens who say that they partied with Demi. College student Brain Payne recounts a night with Demi where he saw her snort copious amounts of cocaine “like a pro.” Other insiders say that Lovato has also been turning to alcohol to help with recent woes, which include the death of a friend and the awkward situation of touring with ex Joe Jonas while he dates Ashley Greene. Her parents and PR have made public statements that Demi is a brave girl, fighting through her emotional problems. In other words: leave her alone!
  • Are you sitting down? Good, because “things have changed forever between Kardashian sisters,” and this is big news that needs to be processed. Supposedly, Kourtney and Khloe are getting fed up with Kim, who wants the three to go out and hit the town together even though they now have “domestic” lives to worry about. Kim is starting to feel abandoned now that her sisters are focusing on children and their relationships. She is starting to turn to friends with her problems instead of Khloe and Kourtney. And that’s really all there is in this front page story.
  • Who says Angelina Jolie can’t get jealous of another woman? Apparently, the working momma is envious of the bond her brood is making with their nannies while she works. Angelina is said to be furious that her kids don’t show the same love for her and won’t even look her hired help in the eye. Supposedly, Brad Pitt has suggested cutting down on some of her work so she can have more time with kids, but Jolie has refused, deciding instead to constantly switch out nannies to prevent the kids from getting close. It sounds like Angelina should take advantage of Bring Your Kids To Work Day. [Life & Style]

  • I hope you aren’t sick of hearing about this supposed royal wedding, predicted to take place at some point in our lifetime. Katie Nicholl, the author of a new tell-all about the royal family, says that we def have a wedding coming our way. Why? Because William made a pact with his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton in 2007 after their second breakup that they would get married in the near future. Kind of sounds like a lame pact. Anyways, Nicholl says the time is about to come when the question will be popped, because William feels like he has waited long enough to avoid the mistakes his parents made. Nicholl is confident the deal is going down soon, because William has invited Middleton’s parents to his annual pheasant hunting excursion, which is a very important event. “Come shoot guns, while we talk marriage” sounds kinds of scary, but I am not British or royal so I don’t know how these things work.
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be in hiding from the paparazzi, but there was nowhere for them to go when that had to shoot some romantic scenes for the final part of the “Twilight” saga. Insiders say that the two stayed cozy even after the cameras stopped rolling, kissing and holding hands. These same sources also predict you can expect to see some more PDA from the couple now that Stewart is more comfortable about going out in public with Pattinson. These know-it-alls also say that you might be treated to a Robsten wedding in the next year, because they are that smitten. All these wedding plans and The Frisky is still lacking invites?
  • I’m always a little shocked by what is deemed newsworthy by the tabloids. For example, this week in Us Weekly, a blurb is given to Pete Wentz’s supposed dislike for Ashlee Simpson’s new ‘do. Somehow this two-paragraph “piece” has time to spin off into how Wentz’s hate for Ashlee’s hair might be linked to her refusal to have another child because she wants to keep her slim body. Go figure. [Us Weekly]