Damn The Man, Save The Howard Brown Health Center!

Help! The Howard Brown Health Center, which has been serving the LGBT community since the ‘80s, needs donations, baaaaad. Two top officials were dismissed earlier this year for financial mismanagement of grant funds, and now the new CEO, Jamal Edwards, has regretfully announced that the center needs to raise $500K by Jan. 1, or it will have to close its doors. Noooooo! The clinic has been a cornerstone of AIDS research and gay outreach in Chicago. In fact, Howard Brown is currently conducting a decades-long research program, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, and it would be a cryin’ shame for humanity if it had to give up on the work now. In addition to the study, the clinic currently supports and provides health care to 6,000 people living with HIV or AIDS and also offers counseling services for roughly 5,000 LGBT teens. Clearly, they’re fighting the good fight! In fact, all the employees, from the doctors to the janitors, have agreed to go without pay to save the center. But it’s going to take more than that — make your tax deductible donation here. [Chicago Tribune]