Could You Find True Love With A Columbia Student? DateMySchool Thinks So

Of all the arbitrary ways online dating sites seek to play matchmaker — pairing together Jews, bookworms, music fans, French bikers, or female inmates — the premise of is no better or worse. DateMySchool claims to “facilitate meeting of students from different departments within the same school and between different universities” by only allowing singles to join through their verified school emails. If you’re a Columbia student, DateMySchool will match you up with someone in a different department at the Ivy, or someone located downtown at NYU who has the same “education level” and “ambition.” In California, you can be matched up with the love of your life from nine different colleges, including Stanford and Berkeley. I’m sorry to be a hater, but isn’t this what local bars are for? Meeting people? I guess if you’re kinda lazy and finding someone who attended a brand-name university is your #1 quality in a mate, DateMySchool just might be the service for you!

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