Today’s Lady News: Aussies Won’t Let Lesbian Teen Take Her GF To School Dance

  • Hannah Williams, 16, of Melbourne, Australia, says she can’t bring her 15-year-old girlfriend Savannah Supski to the school’s formal dance, but that she could bring a male date instead. Girl, you should call up Constance McMillen, that Mississippi lesbian who got the ACLU to sue her school district and won! [Queerty]
  • Rev. Flip Benham, a conservative pastor in North Carolina, was found guilty yesterday of stalking abortion providers. Benham is responsible for putting up posters which read “WANTED” over the faces of doctors who do abortions and give out addresses. Benham claimed the posters were allowed under free speech, but doctors said the Wild West-style posters are a threat. [Charlotte Observer]
  • For the first time ever, more women than men earned doctoral degrees during the ’08-’09 school year. The ladies also earned six out of ten master’s degree that year. [Washington Post]

  • Last March, George Washington University began offering a Muslim women-only hour in the campus pool at the request of Muslim students. During this time, a tarp blocks the door and a female lifeguard is on duty. [Inside Higher Ed]
  • A Scottish heritage group in New York, the St. Andrew’s Society, has finally opened up its membership up to women. It only took them since 1756 to deliberate about it. [Wall Street Journal]
  • An Ohio court runs a two-year program to ease women out of prostitution, which includes treatment for drug abuse, psychological issues and post-traumatic stress disorder. Next month, the court will start a “John school” for men, too. [Reuters]
  • New mothers who breastfeed don’t get any less sleep than new mothers who use formula and are not any more tired the next day, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics. I don’t know if I believe this. [WebMD]
  • Comic Margaret Cho (and “Dancing With The Stars” alum!) talks about her open marriage and being a queer gal of color. []


  • Human rights activists are apoplectic that Iran and Saudi Arabia might get seats on the UN’s new agency to promote women’s rights, called UN Women. Among other things, Iran may soon execute a woman for adultery and Saudi Arabia does not allow women to travel without the permission of a male relative. [BBC]
  • Alexandra Reyes, a transgender woman from rural Mexico who was smuggled across the border 10 years ago, has been granted asylum based on the discrimination she would face at home. Born Carlos, Alexandra said she was beaten by her father when he caught her wearing girl’s clothes and another family member tried to kill her. Reyes was busted last year when she bilked a cab driver out of a $500 fare. [Denver Post]
  • Meet Alia Wahid, a modern woman in Indonesia who is also a Muslim. [CNN]
  • A conservative abstinence-only sex ed group is mailing pamphlets to every secondary school in the U.K. which say sex is “ugly and destructive and will lead to misery and regret.” [Nerve]
  • Taiwan passed a law allowing women to breastfeed in public. There’s a $990 penalty for anyone who tries to stop a mama from nursing her kid. [AFP]
  • In some parts of Africa, giving bikes to girls can be life-changing. [Treehugger]
  • Former neighbors in Romania of a Romanian girl who gave birth last week in Spain say she is much older than 10 — perhaps 13 to 15 years old. I guess that’s good news? [AP]