The Poor Man’s Gaga: Ke$ha’s 8 Most Outrageous Looks

kesha 110910 m jpg
We sympathize with pop star Ke$ha. It must be awfully hard wanting to be the “weird” girl when you’ve got Lady Gaga trotting around in meat dresses and plush animal gowns. We imagine, actually, Ms. Ke$ha’s got a tiny Gaga voodoo doll somewhere — after all, Ke$ha is to Gaga as Gary Busey is to Nick Nolte. She’s just the poor man’s totally outrageous pop singer. Case in point: this neon travesty she wore at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards, in which it appears that she fell in a bucket of neon hippie paint.

After the jump, more of Ke$ha’s Gaga-lite looks.

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