Condoms, Not Candy, The Halloween Treat Of Choice From Oregon Couple

Which would you rather find in your trick-or-treat bag: a giant-sized Baby Ruth bar or a condom? I’d take the Baby Ruth, but one couple in Silverton, Oregon, handed out prophylactics — and toothbrushes — to teenagers on Halloween. Lame-o! Dr. Daniel and Kathleen Harris have been treating trick-or-treaters with Trojans for the past 24 years, since the height of the AIDS epidemic, and in his line of work, Dr. Harris has also delivered babies to teen girls. The Harrises say they usually ask kids if they are 16 years old before handing them a rubber. Kathleen said she tells them she’s not encouraging them to have sex, but they should know what a condom looks like when they do. She also suggests kids give the condom to a friend who is having sex if they themselves cannot use it. But one father of a 14-year-old girl, who wasn’t asked her age before she was given a brown paper bag filled with three condoms, isn’t happy. “By providing kids with condoms, you’re promoting sexual activity no matter how you look at it,” said Daniel Coté. There’s a dad who doesn’t realize that a knocked-up high school freshman is truly scary. [Statesman Journal]