An STD App? For Real?

So, when I first saw this story, I thought it was science fiction. But apparently it’s real, or at least may be real in the near future. A group of doctors and technology experts in the U.K. are working on developing an app to let people test themselves for STDs. Testing chips would be sold in drug stores, vending machines, and supermarkets. You place a drop of urine or saliva on the chip—like a less messy pregnancy test—then you plug it into your computer or phone and, within a few minutes, get a diagnosis. Hopefully of the negative variety.
About $6 million is being pumped into this technology which would be pretty amazing, and could inspire people to get tested for STDs far more quickly than they currently do since testing requires making a doctor’s appointment, having blood drawn, and the evil wait of up to a week for test results, during which we all inevitably obsess about the worst. Imagine rather than having the “When was the last time you got tested?” talk with someone, you could just do it together instantaneously. Nice! [The Guardian]