Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Cee-Lo Green To 30 Seconds To Mars

It might be a Tuesday in November, but it’s getting hot in herrrre! No, my heat pipe isn’t broken; it’s the heap of fireballs from this week’s new releases. Kid Cudi and 30 Seconds To Mars are outta this world; Cee-Lo doo-wops the way to Awesome Town; The Greenhornes give themselves four stars; Imelda May gets her rockabilly on; and the Bad Books throw the book at us. Plus, did you check out the new track by Michael Jackson? Yes, you read that right—dude supposedly recorded an eerily accurate jam before he passed called “Breaking News,” which is the single off his soon-to-be-released record, Michael. Get a sneak listen here. And check out the rest of this week’s rad offerings after the jump.

Cee-Lo Green, Lady Killer
Hell to the yes. This modern Motown record is as hot as a sexy bald man. (Also see the Shatner cover.)

Kid Cudi, Man On The Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager
One studly mofo rapper busts rad rhymes about everything from consciousness to Mary Jane to social anxiety. Bonus points for the Mary J. Blige collab.

30 Seconds To Mars, This Is War Deluxe Edition
Jared Leto’s band rocks out some outer space-y jams that could seduce an alien.

Susan Boyle, The Gift
Listen to the British songstress still cash in on her 15 minutes with a cover of “Perfect Day” crazily enough endorsed and video directed by Lou Reed.

Imelda May, Mayhem
The rockabilly queen gives it to ya old-skool.

Bad Books, Bad Books
Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra combine their powers in sweet harmony.

The Greenhornes, Four Stars
When half of them aren’t busy backing Jack White, they make raucus indie pop awesomeness, and are backed by Jack White’s record label, Third Man.