Top 10 Reasons Bold Brows Are Best

I’ve always been drawn to thick, dark eyebrows. I love the drama and definition they bring to the face, and I get so excited when “bold brows” are declared a trend (this has happened approximately once a year for the past 50 years) and fashion designers start sending models down the runway with giant black smears over their eyes to really drive the point home.

That might be an extreme example, but seriously, strong brows are the best, and here are my top 10 reasons why … [Above: Camilla Belle rocks some awesome arches] 1. When your eyebrows are attention-grabbing, they become another accessory. You can say things like, “Ooh this sweater will look so great with my brown leather bag and my perfectly sculpted eyebrows!”

2. Strong brows make every facial expression more dramatic. An angry face with subtle brows is mildly upsetting. An angry face with bold brows is absolutely terrifying. A warm smile with subtle brows? Pleasant. A warm smile with bold brows, however, could bring peace to the Middle East.

3. Two words: Audrey. Hepburn.

4. One word: Madonna.

5. The more eyebrow hairs you have, the more you can afford to lose in a freak toaster oven explosion. These things happen, you know.

6. When your eyebrows are bold and well groomed, your whole face looks brighter and more defined. You’ll often find you need less eye makeup if you start your cosmetics routine by accentuating your brows.

7. The thicker your eyebrows the more sweat they will keep out of your eyes; therefore, people with strong brows are better athletes. It’s science, you guys.

8. A pair of well-groomed eyebrows draws attention to your beautiful eyes. Put another way: if eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the window treatments. Sure you could throw up some dusty hand-me-down shades. But wouldn’t it be better to hang some gorgeous velvet curtains? And is this metaphor still working?

9. Keeping your eyebrows naturally full requires very little upkeep: Just clean ‘em up now and then with tweezers and you’re good.

10. Remember in high school when everyone overplucked their brows to that sad little stick and ball shape? Let’s not do that anymore.