Meghan McCain Takes Potshots At President Obama For His Interview With Ryan Seacrest

Meghan McCain came out swinging at Barack Obama on a recent visit to “The Tonight Show.” The daughter of re-elected Arizona Senator John McCain stopped by Jay Leno’s couch to promote her new book, Dirty Sexy Politics. A mere 45 seconds in, she criticized Obama for doing an interview on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” which aired on Election Day, to urge young people to vote. “If I were President Obama I would be very nervous and not necessarily doing serious interviews with Ryan Seacrest,” Meghan sniped. “I would be a lot more concerned with what the American public was thinking.” Jay joked, “Rrroow!” and Meghan replied, “Rrrow!” while swiping cats’ claws in the air. Then she added, “I just think it’s not so presidential to do an interview with the producer of the Kardashians’ [show]. I’m one of the people who hold the office of the presidency very seriously. I think it’s kind of trashy.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, McCain also tweeted on Monday, “There is something so unbelievably desperate and sad about the president going on Ryan Seacrest—exactly who is on his communications staff?”

Sad. Desperate. Trashy. Rrrrow! indeed. There’s just one thing Ryan Seacrest would like to remind Meghan, though: Meghan’s been on his show and she asked to come back a second time!

“She came on, she promoted her book, she enjoyed the experience and wanted to come again but we were booked,” Ryan said on Thursday. “She thinks [‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’] is just lowbrow. I just want to be clear, it is the lowbrow show she wanted to be on twice to come promote her stuff.”

Well. I guess we know someone who won’t be invited back to “On Air”! [The Hollywood Reporter]