Frisky Reader Advice: How You Deal With The Winter Blues

If you thought this fall/winter was gnarly before, get ready for it to get a whole lot worse: This weekend saw the end of Daylight Saving Time, which means we’ll lose another hour of sunlight. For some, that’s no big deal, but for the rest of us, it means we’ll need to hunker down and make a plan.

After the jump, some great winter blues advice, straight from you, dear Frisky readers. Littlemissr19:

I wear bright colors and buy myself flowers often. And bake a lot. It’s hard to be terribly depressed while feeling pretty, smelling roses and eating homemade cookies.


I just curl up with a good book or catch up on my DVR programs. At the very least, I just have some hot chocolate.


My old bedroom was painted bright spring green (one of my favorite colors), which helped a lot. My new place has taupe walls :( but I have bright green bedding and curtains. I also use Blues Buster light bulbs and try to take a short walk during lunch time so I can get SOME daylight. Occasionally I buy cheap flowers from the grocery store and I have lots of plants in my house.


Whiskey AND Trivial Pursuit — it’s a winning combination.


A piece of chocolate a day, keeping the shades open, going for walks despite the bitter cold, and lots of veggies. And, for some reason, more spicy food (yes, buffalo wings count) helps me to forget that it’ll be months before I’ll be warm again. And stay active! Go sledding, make a snowman, try ice-skating. I hate working out, but even 15 minutes a day on the elliptical boosts my mood and keeps me from living on the couch all season.


LIGHT BOX!! My boyfriend got me the Philips goLITE Blu Plus last year for Christmas but I just started trying it this fall. Oh, my God, this thing works wonders. I run it for half an hour every morning as soon as I get to work and it helps me immensely.


Chocolate and trying to be social when it gets dark out (so it seems like it’s still light, if that makes sense). Also, warm drinks, like tea and coffee help … as well as soup, and curling up with my cat and/or my boyfriend.


I am a big proponent of planning a warm locale getaway in the February/March time frame. If you’re short on cash but from the NY/NJ metro area, you can cruise out of the ports here. I did this for under $400 once … granted, I’m not a fan of cruises (kind of tacky), but it wasn’t bad. You can do Miami in a weekend too, flying from the NY area. You don’t even have to take off work!


If it’s a day that’s just really gloomy (and I’m not at work), I will make Mexican hot chocolate and buy some Mexican breakfast bread and watch some super fun movie (or show) and wrap myself in a blanket. It just feels so good.


Exercise, exercise and more exercise. For me I’m less motivated to go to the gym when it’s cold and dark out but man do I feel good after I work up a sweat and burn some serious calories!


Yoga, skiing, sex and shopping. Going on a vacation. Somewhere warm is ideal, but even just a weekend away in a different city is cool. Keep your social life active! No hibernating!!!