Why You Need To Buy That Party Dress — Right Now

Have you ever come across a gorgeous formal dress while shopping for, say, a pair of work chinos? Maybe it’s a little sequin shift hanging on the sale rack that catches your eye. Maybe there’s only one left and it’s in your size. Maybe the mere sight of it makes you squeal with glee, but your logical brain immediately reminds you that you are shopping for work chinos and you have no use for a sequin shift, even if it’s on sale and fits you perfectly and causes you to squeal involuntarily. Well, I’d like to respectfully disagree with your brain and tell you to buy that dress, and here’s why…

There is nothing worse for your self-esteem and your bank account than shopping for a special occasion dress under pressure. It’s about as fun as trying to shop while being stalked by a hungry lion. Whether it’s the week before your company holiday party or the day before the prom, frantically rifling through racks of picked-over dresses at the mall usually ends with the purchase of a so-so dress for double what you wanted to pay. What’s more, special occasion dresses should be just that–special–and your chances of finding a truly special dress the night before the company party is slim to none. That’s why I say no matter the time of year and the state of your social calendar, if you come across a dress (or a skirt or pantsuit for that matter) that really speaks to you, and you can afford it, snap it up.

Life presents us with countless opportunities to wear beautiful dresses (think of all the holiday parties approaching!), and if you really love that little sequin shift, you’ll find an excuse to wear it. For example, a trip to the grocery store. Just trust me on this, OK? [Vintage Oscar de la Renta party dress, $100, Etsy]