David Beckham To Launch Underwear Line Because This Apparently Needs To Exist

Soccer Star and Man Who Gets Paid To Take His Shirt Off David Beckham has announced that he’ll be launching a line of men’s underwear. Wait—so this didn’t already exist before? Beckham is known for walking around in his skivvies, perhaps most famously in his hot Armani underwear ads. So to us it seems 100 percent natural that Becks would have his own designs. According to MTV, Beckham is “being advised by his manager Simon Fuller and fashion designer Stella McCartney’s husband Alasdhair Willis, who are said to be ‘focused on turning David into a major fashion presence.'” (We thought he already was, but whatever.)

This leaves us wondering three things: 1. Will part of the sales benefit charity as David and Victoria are avid mixers of charity and fashion? 2. Will Posh join him again in the ads? 3. When can we see the campaign? Is it ready yet? No? How about now? Now? [MTV]