5 Celebs And Their Lame Attempts To Avoid Being Caught On A Date

Christina Aguilera might have filed for a divorce from Jordan Bratman in October, but I guess she’s not ready to open up about her love life. On Saturday, she went on a double date at the SoHo House in Hollywood with her engaged friends Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. When they left, Christina had her date duck in the back seat and she threw a blanket over him, trying to hide his identity. Fortunately, it was ineffective and we know it was Matthew D. Rutler, who was a set assistant on her upcoming movie “Burlesque.” Nice try, Xtina! [PopEater]

She’s not the only celeb who did something wacky to avoid being caught out on a date. Catch up with the others after the jump!

  • Pamela Anderson went to London for Fashion Week back in the day and brought a mystery man who wore a white mask and gloves, scaring everyone far worse than knowing the guy’s actual identity ever could. But the speculation over the masked man was interesting in itself; some guessed it was Michael Jackson. Of course, wearing a mask was also the only way this guy was going to get more attention than Pam’s boobs. [Trend Hunter]
  • Rob Kardashian and his lady friend, Angela Simmons (the daughter of Run DMC member Rev Run), tried to hide their relationship, but they were caught on a date in Los Angeles. Angela attempted to cover her face with Rob’s hoodie, but it was kinda too late by that point … and it was Rob’s hoodie, further proving that they’re totally in love. [Gossip On This]
  • English footballer (soccer player by our standards) Jermaine Defoe was a striker for England’s national team. In 2008, he went out on a date to Cipriani’s and brought a mystery woman who borrowed a tablecloth to leave incognito. Apparently, it’s because he dated and dissed “Big Brother” contestant/model Danielle Lloyd by cheating on her with another model. Huh? [Daily Mail]
  • Charlie Sheen left his rehab center earlier this year in a lame mustache disguise, allegedly to hook up with lingerie model Angelina Tracy. His publicist claimed it was a “joke on the paparazzi,” but that’s just the kinda thing that publicists are paid to say, isn’t it? [Zap2It]