Meet Fashion Editor Olivier Zahm: You’ll Either Hate Him or Want to Sleep With Him

Olivier Zahm is a fashion editor whose sex life is an open book. Literally. Well, virtually, rather. The editor of the artsy fashion bible Purple, Olivier is known for posting salacious pictures and stories from his life online. In a big New York Times Styles profile on the lad, he likens himself to Warhol. He says, “Even in the bedroom I have my camera, I sleep with my camera, I have lunch with my camera.” What this often means is providing to his viewers and followers very graphic portraits of the women he’s with, who seem to rotate with shocking frequency. When Zahm takes trips from Paris to New York, the Purple Diary blog is updated constantly, and each day Zahm is kissing a different girl or taking photographs of someone’s breasts who were definitely not the same someone’s yesterday. While some call him sexist, his colleagues assert that Zahm is an artist “who loves women.” Yet, it’s easy to hate on Zahm considering he automatically belongs to a group of fashion insiders often referred to as perverse. Like, for example, Terry Richardson, who is in fact often caught on the Diary hanging with Zahm.

As for us, we’re not complete fans of Zahm’s but do read his magazine and blog, recognizing that his world seems to exist in a fantasyland where people do whatever they want without thinking too much about it. That must feel great. Until the morning after, maybe? Take a read and tell us what you think! [New York Times]