Ladies, Why Do You Wax?

An interesting article out of Psychology Today about the fairly recent trend of bikini waxing and how it’s affecting male and female sexual relations. Sex therapist and psychiatrist Stephen Snyder, M.D. writes, “Among many young men that I see in treatment, the sight of a woman’s pubic hair produces the same revulsion that in my day might have greeted the sight of her armpit hair. Vulvar hair is regarded as unsightly — or even disgusting.” Yowza, seriously? I mean, in my years cavorting and conversating with the opposite sex, I have definitely noticed that dudes prefer some pubic grooming, with a solid percentage liking significant bush-wacking (landing strip, little triangle, etc.). Yes, there have definitely been a few dudes who liked a bald beav the most, but Snyder implies that men are increasingly preferring no hair whatsoever and find the presence of hair to be a complete turn-off. Please, gentleman readers of The Frisky, tell me you haven’t been so brainwashed by porn that you’re actually grossed out by pubes?

But Snyder also says that many women say the opinions of men aren’t why they spend upwards of $75 per session to have hot wax spread on their ladyparts. “‘You’re missing the point,’ say the waxing enthusiasts. ‘We do it because the result is worth it. Better sensation. Better sex.'” I wrote about my first bikini wax on The Frisky, in which I went totally bald, and have been a complete convert ever since. I haven’t noticed a difference, really, in intercourse, although I would say oral sex is better — although maybe the dude deserves the credit. Mostly I’ve kept it up because I’ve come to really like the way it looks. Contrary to what I thought, it doesn’t make me feel childlike — now that I’m defuzzed, my lady business is just, well, out there. “Hello, vagina!” I say in the shower in the morning. OK, not really. But now that it’s not concealed at all, I’ve become more, well, comfortable with it than ever before. And yeah, seeing my vagina as hot has made me realize that the dudes I get with find it hot too — hairy or hairless.

But all this made me wonder: ladies, if you wax, why do you do it? Is it because you like the way it looks? Because you feel more during sex? Because you think men prefer it a certain way? And ladies who don’t wax, chime in too!

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