Fall TV Guide: “Off The Map” Is On Our Radar

Our friends over at PopWrap have directed our attention to a new show called “Off the Map” which will be premiering on ABC in January and could potentially be awesome. It’s one part “Grey’s Anatomy” and one part “Lost,” with a sprinkling of “Friday Night Lights,” Meryl Streep, and “Twilight.” So what exactly does that mean?
Well, the show is medical drama brought to you by the creators of “Grey’s Anatomy,” including Shonda Rhimes. But instead of an American hospital, this show is set in the South American jungle at an medical clinic that needs a lot of help. A group of young idealistic doctors travel there to help—only they’re all “running away from personal demons.” Key question: Will there be polar bears?

So who are these young doctors? One is played by Zach Gilford, aka Matt Saracen of “Friday Night Lights.” Another is Mamie Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep. And a third is Rachelle Lefevre, i.e. the girl Bryce Dallas Howard replaced as Victoria in “Breaking Dawn.”

This sounds like a pretty winning combination. Guess we’ll see for sure when it premieres in January. Shonda is probably hoping that history repeats itself as “Grey’s Anatomy” was one of the most successful mid-season replacement of all time.

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