A Sizable Trend: Colleges Starting To Offer Fat Studies Classes

Finally, the 15 pounds you pack on as a freshman in college is good for something! According to The Daily Beast, colleges across the country have started offering Fat Studies classes. Hip, hip, hippy hooray! Akin to Women’s Studies classes, Fat Studies classes seem to be preaching to the choir, i.e., people who have struggled with their weight, whether they have had eating disorders or are my peeps, the fatties. But the academic study of sociological weight issues is the next phase for the fat acceptance movement, which has steadily risen in membership since the ‘90s, thanks to activist groups like NAAFA (National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance). I’ve been a proud member/bikini model for four years running! Now prestigious universities such as Rutgers, Oregon State, and the University of Michigan are getting on board. After all, how can you ignore the fact that 11 million students suffer from eating disorders?! But Fat Studies is not just for hand-holding and ho hos; there’s an even larger activist message — equality in health care. I’ve been bullied about my weight by doctors since I was a fat kid and have basically been told, no matter whether I had meningitis or the flu, that if I lost some pounds, it wouldn’t have happened to me. Ha! But thankfully, big beautiful women are not the only ones calling BS on the BMI. We’ve got experts on our side!

The deliciously named Professor Linda Bacon, author of Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Weight, argues, “The imperative of thinness in our culture is not based on science, and it causes a lot of pain. … People are recognizing that we need to start talking about these issues, and making it safe for everyone to attend school and feel good in their bodies.” Can I get an amen?

Now, if you’re too old to still be a college co-ed, but you want to study up, you can pick up the primer being used across the country: The Fat Studies Reader. Or get a little dose of empowerment here and here. BBW 4 Eva!