“127 Hours” Leads To Faintings, Seizures, And Panic Attacks

You couldn’t pay me to go see director Danny Boyle’s new movie, “127 Hours,” which stars James Franco as a rock climber who gets trapped under a boulder and has to amputate his own arm. Apparently, the movie gets pretty gruesome—a Daily Mail reviewer called it “the most harrowing bone-breaking and amputation scene in the history of cinema.” Not that I can think of any others. But what’s truly crazy is the number of people who have passed out, vomited, or had seizures during preview screenings. Movieline did a timeline of all such incidents, and determined there have been 13 to 16 faintings, three seizures, one panic attack, and countless incidents of vomiting. Which has many people wondering if this is all a publicity stunt, a la “The Exorcist.” Fox Searchlight says that isn’t the case. “I would prefer that people not pass out. It’s not a plus,” said a studio co-president. “We don’t see a particular publicity value in it.” [Movieline]

Will you be seeing this flick?