Today’s Lady News: “Apprentice” Contestants Accuse Donald Trump Of Inappropriate Comments

  • Two contestants on “The Apprentice” have accused host Donald Trump of making sexist and inappropriate comments in the boardroom. “So much of the boardroom discussion concerned the appearance of the female contestants — discussing the female contestants’ looks — who he found to be hot,” said Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy, the woman whom Trump “fired” last week. “[Trump] asked the men to rate the women — he went down the line and asked the guys, ‘Who’s the most beautiful on the women’s team?'” Added contestant Gene Folkes, “I think it was most uncomfortable when he had one [female] contestant come around the board table and twirl around.” I am shocked — shocked! — that the man who owns the Miss Universe organization would be accused of this behavior. [New York Post]
  • A record number of female candidates ran for Congress this Election Day, with 152 female candidates winning their primaries, according to Women’s Policy, Inc. However, only 87 women will be in the Senate and House of Representatives when Congress does its business after January — three less than before. This ends a 30+ year run of more and more women in the two chambers each session. Depressing! [Politics Daily, CNN Opinion]
  • Jeanne Ruby, the French woman who ripped off a Muslim woman’s veil in a so-called “burqa rage,” has been ordered to pay $1,140 to the Muslim lady she attacked at store in Paris. [Washington Post]

  • Another omission from the Ladies of Election Day slideshow: Republican Mary Fallin, an Oklahoma congresswoman, was elected as the state’s first-ever female governor this Tuesday. Fallin ran against another female candidate, Democrat Jari Askins. []
  • GWU’s Kye Allums will be the first out transgender NCAA basketball player when he shoots hoops in Minneapolis for a game against the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Kye was born with female anatomy and has gone by “Kay-Kay Allums” for the past 20 years, but said he feels most comfortable now that he’s existing in the world as Kye. []
  • Yesterday, the University of Alabama dedicated locations on campus to three black students who desegregated the school 50 years ago. Autherine Lucy will be memorialized with the Autherine Lucy Clock Tower and Vivian Malone Jones will be memorialized with the Malone-Hood Plaza. [The Grio]
  • Chely Wright, the country star who came out of the closet as a lesbian earlier this year, has teamed up with GLSEN, a group that promotes safe spaces for LGBT students in schools. Wright filmed a PSA to say, “When LGBT students have somebody to turn to, they are less likely to skip school, they are able to learn and they won’t give up.” []
  • American hockey player Cammi Granato and Canadian Angela James will become two of the first women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame at an induction ceremony later this month. []
  • Rebecca Traitster, author of Big Girls Don’t Cry about gender and the 2008 presidential election, spoke with The New Yorker about what this week’s midterms election will mean for women. I still need to read her book! [The New Yorker]
  • Sara Marcus, author of Girls To The Front about the ’90s riot grrrl movement, spoke with a Frisky pal, blogger Amanda Hess at I need to read this book, too! []


  • Alina Treiger, 31, the first female rabbi to be trained in Germany since the Holocaust, was ordained today in Berlin. The last female Jewish rabbi to train in Germany, Regina Jonas, was sent by Nazis to the concentration camp Theresienstad in the Czech Republic and then to Auschwitz in Poland, where she was gassed in 1944. Mazel tov, Alina! [AOL News]
  • Ten women whose families have been affected by violence and poverty in the Juarez area of Mexico, a border region infamous for many rapes and murders carried out against women who work in local factories, will stage a hunger strike in front of the White House next Monday. The women said that money poured into the region to create jobs mostly benefit men who work in construction or border security and the needs of women are being ignored. [PR Newswire]
  • A lesbian police officer in the U.K. allegedly committed suicide in June because she was being bullied about her sexuality and looks. [Pink News UK]
  • The aboriginal community in Winnipeg, Canada, is speaking out against a porn site featuring only aboriginal women that calls them “casino girls,” “reservation hotties,” and “welfare chicks.” []
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Papua New Guinea on Wednesday to call for an end to a “culture of violence” against women. “No country in the 21st century can advance if half the population is left behind,” Clinton said. “Giving women access to education, health services, economic opportunities, and the structures of power is critical for alleviating poverty and disease in every part of the world.” The PNG government, the UN, and the World Bank will work together to “expand opportunities” to the country’s women, who often live in remove villages. [AFP]
  • Here’s an interview with a Mohawk spoken word artist Janet Marie Rogers from the Six Nations Territory in Ontario, by Jorge Antonio Vallejos of the blog Black Coffee Poet. [Racialicious]