Social Style: Do You And Your Friends Dress Alike?

Over the weekend I met up with my friend Katelyn for a karaoke date. I’d come straight from work and was therefore wearing a super boring black pencil skirt and dark gray button-up shirt: not exactly the fun, sassy outfit necessary for belting out my signature Depeche Mode jams in front of a crowd. “Just grab something from my closet,” Katelyn said, and as I started rooting through her wardrobe I realized something …Our personal styles are completely different. So much so that I couldn’t find a single piece of clothing in her vast collection that I felt comfortable in. From how tight we like our hoodies to fit, to how bold we like our accessories, to our favorite colors, there’s not much overlap. We have definitely influenced each other over the years — I convinced her to buy a pair of Sorel snow boots and thanks to her dance-inspired style, I’ve become a convert to sheer flowy skirts — but overall we definitely do our own thing.

This karaoke night fashion crisis made me think about how different all of my girlfriends’ closets are. My friend Molly always looks polished and put-together; my friend Rachel prefers eclectic patterns and fabrics; my friend Becca is a die-hard fan of granny style, and so on. Celebrity BFFs Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney have a similar aesthetic. What about you? Does your friend group have a collective fashion sense or is everybody working their own style? Do you share clothes with your friends?