James Franco’s New Performance Art Dissects “Three’s Company”

I was just about to forgive James Franco for signing on to appear in 20 episodes of “General Hospital” and calling it “performance art,” when I caught wind of his latest project. In his downtime from being a beat poet (“Howl”) and cutting off his arm (“127 Hours”), he has been hard at work on an adaptation of the late-’70s television show “Three’s Company.” The Sundance Film Festival announced that Franco’s project, “Three’s Company: The Drama”—which he is calling a “multi-media examination” of the show—will be presented as part of their New Frontier program this January. Sundance says the following about Franco’s re-imagining of the sitcom:

“Television has undoubtedly shaped our world: our increased exposure to dramatic entertainment, the shapes of our houses, the shape of the time in our day. In this piece James Franco hopes to pull television from the box and view it from ‘a slightly oblique perspective.’”

I think this qualifies as some serious performance art. I’ll being looking forward to understanding all the subtle socio-cultural implications of polyamory that I originally missed while watching the show. Or whatever spin he plans to put on his performance. [New York Times]