Lublu: Kira Plastinina’s Comeback

Remember Kira Plastinina? She was the Russian fashion mogul and style sensation who, at 14-years-old, brought her clothing chain to the United States a few years ago (helpfully backed by her very wealthy father, of course). Unfortunately, the plastic-y pink bedazzled styles didn’t go over too well in America and the company had to file for bankruptcy (but still did fine abroad). Now Kira is 18 and is back with a more sophisticated label called Lublu (means “I love” in Russian). The edgier designs are certainly a far cry from Kira’s old teeny-bopper style, with a dark color palette and slightly goth feeling at times. The teen just showed her line at Russian Fashion Week and will be concentrating on selling wholesale to boutiques around the world. What do you think? Are you buying Kira’s darker and more mature look? There’s definitely some stuff in there we’d be into trying on. [Lublu via The Thread]